Rider of the Month –

For the 2017-2018 Horse show season SpiritHorse will be awarding the rider of the month to the Rider that preformed the best on that months show. This is simply a way for SpiritHorse to provide that student with special recognition for a job well done. To receive the title of rider of the month the student must show significant improvement, exceptional handling skills, extreme personal goal accomplishment, and/or going above and beyond their typical riding skills and preform in excellence.

The rider for the Month of April thru May

Hailee Rankin

This young lady has been riding with us since 2015 and has gone from running away from her fears to facing them straight on with the skills provided to her.  She has taken a once laid back “slow-poke” of a horse and turned her into an award winning speed and performance horse.  Tackling everything from jumping to barrels there isn’t a lot this gal can’t do when on a horse. Nothing that is worth doing comes easy but Hailee shows an immense focus when it comes to her horse Pistol.  Good Job Hailee and keep up the hard work!

Hailee 2 Hailee Win Hailee 1