The Team

SpiritHorse would not be able to serve the many therapy students that we have without the tireless volunteer support of our instructors, parents and friends.  These people help us with anything and everything from horse cleaning and lessons to moving sheds to snapping beautiful photos.  None of these individuals will ever understand how much they truly mean to us or the impact that they have on the students and their families.  A big thank you to all involved.



Night and Larissa Larissa Muncy started working with SpiritHorse in the 2015.  With a background English riding Larissa brings a sense of order to the ranch.  With her very own bucket of grooming supplies and a special halter just for Night she makes sure that the children that she works with share her love for their horse.
faith1 Faith Clark grew up on a cattle ranch outside of San Antonio and learned a lot about working with animals as a child.  Teaching is Faiths passion whether it is as a substitute teacher, dance instructor or therapy instructor she enjoys passing her knowledge onto others.
jeremiah and Megan With 42 years combine horse experience between them Jeremiah and Megan Bowen began SpiritHorse as a way to help share the positive benefits of horses with other children in need.  As horse trainers they take pride in the fact that many of the therapy and riding horses on the ranch were trained by themselves. Their abilities also allow them to rescue horses. Because of their work with rescued horses they teach their students the importance of properly caring and maintaining their horse.